• Are live events possible?

The answer to this is most likely. If we have your signal on HDMI or SDI we will be able to run your live feed on our LED truck rental. We also offer live streaming services from the Internet.

•Is rain a problem?

Our digital truck rental is designed for use in Florida, which means it can stand up to most of what the Sunshine State throws our way. If it starts raining, our display will keep going without missing a beat. However, there are two things that will force use to put the screen down: thunderstorms and high winds.

•Are movies able to be displayed?

Any type of movie file you have can be displayed. If the unit is not able to work with the given file, we can convert it for you. However, we prefer .mov files.

•How much power is required for the digital truck?

Our truck comes equipped with a 45 Kw diesel generator. We can also provide free electricity for your event up to 30 Kw. If you are hosting an inside event and don’t want the sound or smell of our diesel generator present, we will require two 20 amp outlets.

•Can custom messages be displayed on the truck?

Yes. Grumpy is able to run any live or video feed on the center of the screen and put the specials on the same side at the same time. This allows you to minimize the message and ensure you display everything you desire.

•Is sound provided?

Sound is always an option. We offer a QSC line array featuring four speakers and one bass. This sound will be ideal for as many as 200 people in an open area.

•Can you put the advertising on the street?

Yes, we are able to run the closed truck on the street; however, must have the screen off when on highways.

•Are we able to stream live video, such as Instagram?

Yes. Our unit has internet capabilities and can display any content from any web source, including Instagram in real time.

•Can you display live feed from on-site cameras?

If you give us a signal through HD-SDI or HDMI we will be able to put it on the screen. If you also need the cameras, we offer a rental of up to three cameras, live switcher and live internet streaming.