Need a big tv for your event?

Trying to find large-scale screens that can be used for an event? Want to provide a feed directly to a sports package? A specific event? Your own gig? Whatever the need is, JVR Productions can help.

Using our own massive LED screens, we can provide the big TV events need to make sure the whole crowd can see what is going on. When a crowd gathers you are reliant on everyone being able to see the event to get the full experience up close and personal.

With our big LED rental service, though? You don’t need to worry. Now people can get access to the event via the screen. This is the perfect choice for anything from an oversold local gig to a sports event that has massive connotations. Get the fans whipped up into a positive frenzy with our big LED rental services!

There’s no need to have to go without, not with our team on hand. We can provide the big led that you need as well as ensure that it is safely managed, looked after and used in every possible way. Not only does going through with this make a significant difference to the overall atmosphere at the event, but it improved guest interaction perfectly.

From being able to see the guitarist play his riff up close and personal to getting a re-run on the contested goal that wins the title, we make being up close and personal for the biggest events in Orlando easier than ever before!

Easy Big Led Setup and Solutions in Orlando, FL

One major part of our service that we provide is making sure that people can get access to a large, live TV set for their own needs. All you need to do is provide us with access to the live feed from your cable company of choice. Then, we can arrange the feed and use intensive, high quality HDMI cabling to make sure the picture is crisp and sound.

We provide this service for any feature that may need it. Local festivals, gigs, events, sports games, whatever; we are more than happy to help you provide the perfect addition to the atmosphere. Don’t allow any event to fall flat – make sure that everyone who attends can see the screens as clearly as possible for maximum enjoyment.

Contact us today for more information on big Led screen rental for live performances and matches.

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