Florida LED Orlando Truck Advertising is different in several important ways. When you want to promote a product or run a successful messaging campaign, you might contact some “national” company that promises service in every city. But most of these digital billboard companies get you to sign up with them and then subcontract the job to a local company. With Florida LED Truck advertising, you deal directly with the local experts who know the Central Florida advertising markets from Tampa to Orlando to Daytona. We have the largest fleet of mobile digital billboard trucks to serve Central Florida and beyond, so we don’t farm your campaign out to some other company.

Affordable and Effective Truck Advertising

We have the capability to stream live video feeds of your event, display live television content, play interactive gaming systems, and display fixed or rotating images on all three LED sides of the truck (sides screens are 11′ x 6′, rear display screens are 7′ x 7′). The outside surround stereo sound systems on our digital advertising trucks use state-of-the-art audio to go along with the messaging being projected over the LED screens.

Our mobile digital advertising trucks have an immediate impact on your potential customers. We deliver your campaign when and where it’s needed, whether for a grand opening, dealership sales, a promotion, or even a live concert.

Florida LED Truck Advertising Delivers

Our mobile digital trucks provide the most effective way to advertise. We take your digital advertising truck campaign to your target customer anywhere, at any time, and with very little lead time. We can deliver and tailor your campaign simultaneously to different regions, enabling quick and timely targeting.

You can track your mobile digital advertising truck campaign’s progress with GPS tracking technology. The designated routes you select will be visible to you, and the report will always pinpoint the precise area of your campaigns.

Using our digital mobile billboard truck, we’re able to travel to your exact site to target your audience and demographic. Our LED advertising truck is a practical and distinctive way to make a lasting impression on your clients.

Mobile Digital Billboard Truck Advertising

We don’t farm out your campaign to another company since we have the largest fleet of mobile digital billboard trucks to service Central Florida. When you hire Florida LED trucks, you are dealing directly with regional professionals, and you can rely on us to get the job done right the first time. Call us at 407-917-9255 to go directly to the best advertising source in Central Florida.

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Simply fill out the form below and upload your ad image or video file, and we’ll provide you with a FREE digital preview of your ad on our LED truck. Experience the impact and visibility that our mobile LED advertising can offer for your business, event, or campaign. Get started now, and let’s take your message on the road!