backstage led screen rental

Trying to arrange a stage event can be, at the best of times, a trying experience. With so many things that can go wrong and so little needed to make them go wrong in the first place, having the right setup on a stage is a nightmare asking to happen. Without the right people operating on the service and providing you with the best backstage LED screen rental to keep the stage looking great, for example, you’ll struggle to see the kind of progress that you need.

At JVR Productions, we provide elite level backstage LED screen rental that can make any stage event as easy as possible to manage. Using our expertise and knowledge of electrical management and stage control, we can make any staged event in Orlando, FL turn into the perfect rendition of success, style and glitz.

We make use of intelligent, large-scale screens to give the right feel and rendition to the whole exercise.

If you are worried that your stage event might lack the weight and gravitas needed to draw the public in, then smart backstage LED screen rental can be just what you need to raise the roof and make your event memorable.

Professional Backstage LED Screen Rental in Orlando, FL

We take immense care when setting up to ensure that when you are on stage you do not have to worry about technical goblins ruining the spectacle. Instead, you can perform and just be yourself without having to turn into a technician for the day. Best of all, we manage and perform maintenance on all of the screen rental options provided so you don’t need a tech team to manage the lighting and the like – we can do it for you.

Not sure if you need a backstage LED set? That’s fine, we have many other uses for this service as well. Not only do we provide the backstage screen with a 45Kw generator to provide the finest finish possible, but we also provide an excellent power source for the whole event. Our truck can power not just the screen that we provide, but also lights and sound for the stage.

This allows for that booming, professional finish to be delivered without any of the usual expenses. For safe, sound stage management thanks to our committed team of tech experts, contact us today. We’ll arrange a discussion with you to see how our lighting and stage management options can serve you in any way that you need.

With our knowledge and expertise when it comes to managing a stage event, we can make sure that you and your team can take to the stage in full confidence and flow, knowing everything behind the scenes is working to perfection!

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